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Who won the first game between Rutgers and Princeton?
a) Rutgers b) Princeton c) d)
Where was the first game Rutgers and Princeton played?
a) Princeton b) Ohio c) Boston d) Rutgers
Under Rutgers\'s rules, how many goals did you have to score to win?
a) 8 b) 10 c) 6 d) 5
When Rutgers and Princeton rematched who won?
a) Princeton b) Rutgers c) d)
Who played in the first college game?
a) Rutgers and Yale b) Rutgers and Princeton c) Rutgers and Harvard d) Princeton and Yale
One major change in rules when they played in Princeton was...
a) If the player caught the ball on a fly they got a free kick. b) There was no rule change c) If the goalie blocked a shot the other team got the ball d) If the goalie missed the ball it would count as a point
In 1870 who joined the series?
a) Yale b) Harvard c) Princeton d) Columbia
How many players per team under Rutgers\'s rules?
a) 50 b) 25 c) 80 d) 10
a) THIS ANSWER b) c) d)
a) THIS ANSWER b) c) d)
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