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The Jamestown settlers saved their colony by planting
a) maize b) cotton c) tobacco d) wheat
Protestants who wanted to leave and found their own churches were called
a) Protestant reformers b) Anglicans c) Separatists d) Puritans
People who refust to use force or fight in wars are called
a) pacifists b) pilgrims c) reformers d) patroons
Which colony was created so debtors and poor people could start over?
a) Delaware b) Carolina c) Georgia d) Maryland
Because their journey had a religious purpose, the Separatists called themselves
a) Pilgrims b) new colonists c) Puritans d) strangers
The movement that drove 15,000 Puritans to Massachusetts was called the
a) Great Migration b) Puritan Movement c) Virginia Compact d) Mayflower Compact
What island was purchased for a small amount of beads and other goods?
a) New Netherland b) Philadelphia c) Manhattan d) New Amsterdam
The Protestants who wanted to reform the Anglican Church were called
a) Separatists b) new colonists c) Christians d) Puritans
What was NOT something that hurt the Plymouth colonists?
a) Malnutrition b) Cold c) Being surrounded by Indians d) Disease
The Pilgrims and Indians celebrated the first ____________ in the fall of 1621.
a) Christmas b) Thanksgiving c) Crop Season d) Winter Season
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