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This is a fairly rigid structure located outside the plasma membrane
a) cholorplast b) endoplasmic reticulum c) cytoplasm d) cell wall
Strands of DNA or genetic material
a) vacuoles b) plastid c) chromatin d) nucleolus
Produces ribosomes
a) nucleolus b) mitochondria c) golgi apparatus d) lysosomes
The site where the cell produces protein
a) choloroplast b) mitochondria c) ribosome d) endoplasmic reticulum
Clear gelatinous fluid inside the cell
a) cell wall b) cytoplasm c) chlorophyll d) chromatin
The site where cellular chemical reactions take place can be rough or smooth
a) lysosomes b) cytoskelton c) endoplasmic reticulum d) cell wall
A flattened stack of tubular membranes that sorts and packs proteins
a) golgi apparatus b) plastid c) chloroplast d) chromatin
A membrane bound temporary storage space in the cytoplasm of cells
a) nucleolus b) lysosome c) vacuole d) plastid
These organelles contain digestive enzymes
a) cytoplasm b) cytoskelton c) lysosomes d) vacuoles
These organelles capture light energy to convert it to chemical energy
a) plastid b) flagella c) chloroplast d) mitochondria
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