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Resolves cell structure details and viruses, but can't study living cells; uses a stream of electrons instead of light
a) Compound Microscope b) Dissecting Microscope c) Electron Microscope d) Ultracentrifuge
Used to view relatively large objects in 3D, under lower power, with 2 eyepieces and 2 objectives used simultaneously
a) Micrometer b) Compound microscope c) Electron microscope d) Dissecting Microscope
Sorts cell organelles by size and density differences when broken cells are spun at high speeds
a) Ultracentrifuge b) Staining Techniques c) Units of Measurement d) Dissecting Microsope
Uses a two lens system; light is focused on object whose image is then magnified by the lens system
a) Scanning Electron Microscpe b) Staining Techniques c) Transmission Electron Microscope d) Compound Microscope
Uses special lenses and diaphragms to angle the light so it gives contrast to unstained, living cells and cell structures
a) Scanning Electron Microscope b) Phase Contrast Microscope c) Transmission Electron Microscope d) Dissecting Microscope
Units used to measure sizes of cells, organelles and other cell structures
a) Kilometers b) Meters c) Microns d) Centimeters
Using different dyes to highlight various cells structures
a) Staining Techniques b) Units of Measurement c) Binocular Microscope d) Microdissection Apparatus
Which represents an exception to the cell theory?
a) Viruses b) Protozoans c) Yeasts d) Green Algae
Images the sample surface in 3-D by scanning it with a high-energy beam of electrons, capable of very high magnification
a) Micromanipulator b) Micron c) TEM d) SEM
Equipment used to remove, add or transfer individual cell organelles
a) TEM b) Microdissection Apparatus c) SEM d) Binocular Microscope
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