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to show arrogance
a) overbearing pride b) intense concern c) extreme fear d) lack of knowledge
to yearn for happiness
a) search b) work hard c) long d) pay
the docile child
a) active b) obedIent c) disobedient d) young
unscrupulous people
a) trustworthy b) kind c) dishonest d) protective
frivolous purchases
a) important b) unwanted c) silly d) sensible
to spurn an offer
a) consider b) schedule c) accept d) reject
to kindle an interest
a) arouse b) possess c) expect d) determine
a smug grin
a) friendly b) self-satisfied c) superior d) self-critical
to seethe with anger
a) cry out b) threaten c) boil d) leave
her sinister smile
a) evil b) happy c) satisfied d) gentle
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