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Religions based on the teachings of Muhammad is know as
a) Judaism b) Christianity c) Islam d) Orthodox
The holy book used in the religion Judaism is known as
a) Bible b) Torah c) Quran d) Scripture
The Five Pillars of Islam include faith, prayer, amd a pilgrimage to Mecca, charity and
a) Shouting b) Singing c) Fasting d) Preaching
The first religion to teach the existence of only one God was
a) Islam b) Judaism c) Christianity d) Roman Catholic
Which religion has the most followers in Europe?
a) Judaism b) Christianity c) Islam d) Protestant
Where did Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all originate?
a) Southwest Asia b) Europe c) Itlay d) Ukraine
This religion participates in a coming of age ceremony called a bar/bat mitzvah?
a) Eastern Orthodox b) Christianity c) Islam d) Judaism
This religion does not eat pork or other non-kosher foods.
a) Islam b) Judaism c) Christianity d) Roman Catholic
This religion acknowledges Abraham as their Patriarch.
a) Islam b) Judaism c) Christianity d) Islam, Christianity, and Judaism
This religion believes in the existance of only one supreme God.
a) Christianity b) Islam c) Judaism d) Judaism, Islam, Christianity
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