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Which scientific tool is used to measure length?
a) meter stick b) microscope c) yard markers on a football fieldh d) balance
Which scientific tool is used to measure weight?
a) telescope b) balance c) spring scale d) hand lens
Which tool do scientists use to measure temperature?
a) b) telescope c) stop watch d) thermometer
Which tool measures liquid volume?
a) bottle of Pepsi b) graduated cylinder c) spring scale d) balance
Which tool do scientists use to measure mass?
a) balance b) weigh station c) binoculars d) thermometer
Which of these tools has double lenses and magnifies distant objects?
a) Mr. Zalasky's contacts b) graduated cylinder c) telescope d) binoculars
Which of these tools is one lens and brings distant objects into closer view?
a) HD television b) binoculars c) telescope d) balance
Which tool is a magnifying tool that allows cellular structure to be viewed?
a) discovery channel b) microscope c) binoculars d) telescope
Which tool is a low-powered tool that allows a closer look of detail in objects viewed through the lens?
a) hand lens/magnifying glass b) Mr. Zalasky\'s contacts c) microscope d) telescope
Which tool measures circumference or short distance, used to measure the size of a ball or human head?
a) ruler b) balance c) meter stick d) measuring tape
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