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What is an area in the desert that is a water source called?
a) sinkhole b) dune c) oasis d)
What is a narrow piece of land connecting two larger land areas called?
a) isthmus b) delta c) strait d)
What are areas covered by shallow water called?
a) plateaus b) wetlands c) peninsulas d)
What is a narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies of water?
a) delta b) strait c) plain d)
What forms when the roof of a cave collapses?
a) oasis b) dune c) sinkhole d)
When wind shapes sand into a hill it is called a _________.
a) sinkhole b) dune c) oasis d)
Florida is an example of a ______________.
a) peninsula b) isthmus c) delta d)
A large, flat elevated are of land is a __________.
a) delta b) strait c) plateau d)
Nearly flat areas of land are _____________.
a) straits b) plains c) dunes d)
The Missippi River forms a _______________, which is an area where a river deposits soil into the ocean.
a) peninsula b) isthmus c) delta d)
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