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The _______ is the permanent storage where all programs are saved.
a) RAM b) Hard Drive c) Flash Drive d) CD-Rewriteable Drive
__________ devices are equipment that we use to enter data into a computer.
a) Input b) Output c) Storage d) Communication
A ________ is approximately one character or letter.
a) bit b) kilobyte c) byte d) gigabyte
_________ are plug-ins found in the front and back of the processor.
a) Buttons b) Bytes c) Ports d) Bits
A ________ is one code that the computer can understand to tell it to do something.
a) bit b) byte c) kilobyte d) gigabyte
The ___________ is a piece of equipment that allows your computer to connect to the Internet.
a) CPU b) Port c) Monitor d) Modem
_________ is the place inside your computer that is used for temporary storage, such as when you open a program.
a) Hard Drive b) Floppy Drive c) RAM d) Flash Drive
What is NOT an example of Hardware?
a) Monitor b) Microsoft Excel c) CPU d) Mouse
_____________is programs or instructions that make the computer function.
a) Hardware b) Software c) Byte d) Kilobyte
_____________ is the pieces of the computer that you can touch.
a) Software b) Byte c) Bit d) Hardware
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