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Which characteristic is found in all mollusks?
a) coelom b) shell c) head d) gills
Which stucture makes the shell in a mollusk?
a) coelom b) siphon c) radula d) mantle
Which of the following is a gastropod?
a) clam b) snail c) oyster d) mussel
What is the name of the feeding structure that is used by most mollusks?
a) beak b) siphon c) radula d) mantle
What does the word molluseus mean?
a) hard b) soft c) segmented d) moist
What is the main function of a siphon in a clam?
a) digests food b) transports water c) releases wastes and ink d) locomotion
Which bivalve can make a pearl?
a) clam b) scallop c) oyster d) mussel
Which cephalopod lacks a shell and is the most intelligent?
a) cuttlefish b) squid c) octopus d) nautilus
Which characteristic is used to classify mollusks?
a) coelom b) tentacles c) shell d) mantle
Which class of mollusks is pelagic?
a) cephalopoda b) polyplacophora c) pelecypoda d) gastropoda
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