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WHMIS stands for
a) Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System b) Workplace Hazards Making Information System c) Working with Hazardous Materials In Schools d) Workplace Hazards Materials Information System
Which of the following describes mass
a) state of matter b) anything with mass and volume c) amount of matter in an object d) amount of space that an object occupies
Which of the following describes what happens when heat is added to a substance?
a) particles lose kinetic energy and vibrate faster b) particles gain kinetic energy and vibrate faster c) particles gain kinetic energy and vibrate slower d) particles lose kinetic energy and vibrate slower
This scientist came up with the 'chocolate chip cookie' model of the atom
a) Dalton b) Rutherford c) Bohr d) Thomson
These particles make up the bulk of the nucleus of an atom
a) neutrons and electrons b) protons and neutrons c) protons and electrons d) protons, neutrons, and electrons
The mass of an atom is mostly contained in the
a) nucleus b) neutron c) proton d) quark
Who said that matter cannot be created, destroyed, or divided into smaller particles?
a) Dalton b) Thomson c) Rutherford d) Bohr
Who proposed that electrons surround the nucleus of an atom in specific energy levels?
a) Rutherford b) Bohr c) Dalton d) Thomson
A liquid has:
a) no fixed shape, but has volume b) a fixed shape, but no volume c) a fixed shape and a fixed volume d) no fixed shape or fixed volume
Density is:
a) weight / volume b) also known as buoyancy c) mass / volume d) also known as pressure tendancy
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