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Which of the following best describes someone or something that opposes the main character.
a) antagonist b) protagonist c) speaker d) narrartor
Which of the following best describes the main character in a story?
a) Antagonist b) ) Speaker c) Protagonist d) Narrator
Which part of the plot would you find information about the setting and the characters?
a) falling action b) climax c) resolution d) exposition
The series of related events that make up a story
a) short story b) plot c) narrative d) climax
In contrast between reality and expectation
a) inference b) satire c) irony d) drama
The time and location in which a story takes place is
a) the plot b) the resolution c) the climax d) the setting
A figure of speech that compares two unlike things without using a work such as like, or as
a) simile b) allusion c) satire d) metaphor
poetry without meter or rhyme
a) free verse b) no verse c) slant verse d) blank verse
When you guess what the writer thinks or believes, you ...
a) confer b) identify c) appease d) infer
Which important poet used iambic pentameter?
a) Dickinson b) Poe c) Edwards d) Shakespeare
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