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What is one of the problem that the Articles of Confederation have?
a) Sleeping problems b) none of the above c) no money d) No national army
How far did the Lousiana Purchase stretch?
a) Canada to Mexico b) Maine to Texas c) Texas to Canada d) None of the above
Who made a cotton gin?
a) Cyrus McCormic b) John Deere c) Eli Whitney d) Francis Cabot
Who is Nat Turner?
a) President b) Ceo c) Sailor d) Former slave
Whta is the first major battle?
a) Antietam b) Bull Run c) Chancellorsville d) Vicksbrug
Where did Lee surrendered to Grant?
a) White House b) Jail c) Appomattox Cabin d) Log cabin
Why was the Panama Canal Built???
a) To conquer the land b) to collect taxes c) none d) made transportation faster
Who invented the Electrical light bulb?
a) Lincoln b) Roosevelt c) Edison d) Ford
What does communism mean?
a) Nothing b) peace c) To conquer other lands d) a social and economic system in which all land was owned by the government
Who caused the Watergate Scandal?
a) Kennedy b) Nixon c) Jackson d) Roosevelt
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