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Which group of vertebrates (chordates) has feathers, hollow bones, & lays eggs?
a) fish b) amphibians c) reptiles d) birds
________ must have a wet/watery/aquatic environment for reproduction.
a) mammals b) amphibians c) reptiles d) birds
As the temperature in a reptile's environment rises, most reptiles become more active because
a) they need to find water to lay their eggs. b) they have smooth moist skin. c) they breathe through their skin. d) their body temperature rises & falls with the temperature of their surroundings.
Identify the animals below that begin their life breathing through gills and develop lungs as adults so that they can live on land.
a) kangaroo & cat b) crocodile & turtle c) cricket & grasshopper d) toad & frog
Salamanders & newts are classified as _________________
a) fish b) amphibians c) reptiles d) birds
Lizards & snakes are classifed as _____________
a) fish b) amphibians c) reptiles d) birds
Which group of vertebrates (chordates) has hair or fur and feeds its young milk?
a) birds b) mammals c) fish d) reptiles
Which animal is a marsupial?
a) Koala bear b) Elephant c) Human d) Platypus
Which vertebrates are cold-blooded (endothermic)?
a) birds, reptiles, & mammals b) amphibians, mammals, & fish c) fish, amphibians, & reptiles d) reptiles, birds, & fish
Which group of vertebrates (chordates) is cold-blooded, has gills, and most members have scales & fins?
a) fish b) amphibians c) reptiles d) birds
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