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An investment fund that receives money from many investors.
a) Yield fund b) Mutual fund c) Market fund d) Liquid fund
A business organization for the buying and selling of securities.
a) Stock House b) Stock Exchange c) Brokerage Firm d) Investment Firm
The annual percentage of money earned on savings or investments.
a) Yield b) Liquidity c) Market Value d) Interest
Items of personal interest to collectors that can increase in value.
a) Investment funds b) Commodities c) Collectibles d) Certificates
The ease with which an investmentcan be changed into cash.
a) Yield b) Morphing c) Diversification d) Liquidity
The price at which a share of stock can be bought or sold.
a) Stock symbol b) Stock ticker c) Market value d) Mortgage Value
The money received for letting others used your money
a) Interest b) Security c) Collateral d) Premiums
Bonds issued by the local and state governments are called
a) Corporate bonds b) Municipal bonds c) US government savings bonds d) Mutual bonds
This debt security involves short term borrowing with maturities from 91 days to one year.
a) T-bill b) T-note c) T-bond d) T-fund
Paid quarterly as a share of the profits a corporation makes.
a) Stock b) Bonds c) Funds d) Dividends
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