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stubborn, obstinate; hard to move forward
a) Intractable b) indoctrinate c) Phenomenon d) Erroneous
to fall back into an old condition
a) Revert b) Redoubtable c) Dejected d) Epiphany
that which drives one; momentum
a) Impetus b) Destitute c) Facile d) Sycophant
One responsible for a crime
a) Culprit b) induce c) Ultimatum d) Emissary
acting passionately and without forethought
a) Impetuous b) Expel c) Incursion d) Compel
statement uttered to show personal responsibility for wrong
a) Mea Culpa b) Cosmopolitan c) Erroneous d) Incoherent
a fact or event which can be observed and/or documented
a) Phenomenon b) Impetus c) Deflect d) Incoherent
sharply cutting; direct and powerful
a) Incisive b) Perspicacious c) Fidelity d) Epitome
A person who flatters; a yes-man
a) Sycophant b) Voluble c) Deflect d) Emissary
the best or most typical example
a) Epitome b) Culprit c) Intractable d) Epiphany
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