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The highest mountain in the world is found in this mountain range.....
a) The Himalayas b) The Ural Mountains c) The Alps d) The Caucaus Mountains
Seasonal winds that bring heavy rains to parts of Asia are called
a) typhoons b) monsoons c) ragoons d) everest winds
The rocky, nearly treeless region in northern China is called the
a) Sarhara Desert b) Siberia c) Gobi Desert d) Tibetian Plateau
Many of Asia's rivers begin in a high mountain plain called the
a) Krgyz Steppe b) archipelago c) Gobi Desert d) Tibetian Plateau
The world's tallest mountain is
a) Mt. Kilimajaro b) Mt. Everest c) Mt. Blanc d) Mt. Elbrus
What is the word used to describe a group or chain of islands?
a) archipelago b) Korean Peninsula c) subcontinent d) islands galore
Which of the seven continents is the largest?
a) Africa b) North America c) Australia d) Asia
This mountain range separates Asia from Europe
a) The Alps b) The Himalayas c) The Ural Mountains d) The Zagros Mountains
Which continent has the most mountains?
a) Africa b) South America c) Europe d) Asia
The Himalayas have a big effect on the _____________ of Asia
a) climate b) population c) history d) future
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