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Stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, a common image format
a) JPEG b) USB c) GIF d) VCR
Copying software that does not belong to you
a) search engine b) download c) software piracy d) spreadsheet
To receive data from a different computer to a users computer via the Internet
a) spreadsheet b) software piracy c) download d) email
A horizontal (across) line of information
a) row b) column c) cell d) spreadsheet
A tool for searching information on the Internet (ex.: Google.com)
a) upload b) copyright c) search engine d) USB
Each rectangular section of a spreadsheet where you can type data
a) row b) column c) cell d) spreadsheet
A computer or device which provides information or services to computers on a network
a) search engine b) browser c) license agreement d) server
A document which helps you organize data in rows and columns of cells
a) spreadsheet b) row c) column d) cell
The contract between a buyer and a maker of software
a) server b) license agreement c) search engine d) browser
The legal rights to reproduce (copy), publish, and sell something you have created
a) server b) search engine c) download d) copyright
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