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Unlike any other one of a kind
a) unique b) delusion c) versatile d) savor
to invent think up create
a) unique b) devise c) subtle d) convey
brightly colored striking
a) subtle b) stimulate c) vivid d) universal
hardly noticeable not obvious
a) versatile b) convey c) unique d) subtle
to communicate make known
a) convey b) stimulate c) versatile d) delusion
to cause to become active or more active arouse
a) devise b) vivid c) stimulate d) subtle
worldwide widespread
a) universal b) unique c) subtle d) savor
to taste or smell with pleasure to appreciate fully
a) unique b) savor c) subtle d) delusion
a false opinion or belief
a) delusion b) unique c) universal d) convey
able to do many things or serve many purposes well
a) universal b) convey c) versatile d) devise
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