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Polluted water from the industry have a pH of 3. What can be used to neutralise the polluted water?
a) Lime b) Barium Sulfate c) Citric Acid d) Ammonium Sulfate
Solution P turned acidified potassium dichromate(VI) from orange to green. What does Solution P contain?
a) Alkali b) An acid c) Ammonia d) Reducing Agent
Aqueous sodium Hydroxide reacts with a metal ion producing a coloured precipitate. The colour of the Precipitate would change upon standing. What is the metal ion?
a) Mg 2+ b) Fe 3+ c) Fe 2+ d) Cu 2+
Which compound in solution produces a precipitate in ammonia and dissolves when an excess ammonia is added?
a) Copper(II) nitrate b) Zinc chloride c) Iron(II) Chloride d) Potassium Nitrate
An Acid, T was added to a solution of nitrate of metal Y. A dense white precipitate was formed. What is T and Y?
a) Citric; Barium b) Sulfuric; Barium c) Sulfuric; Zinc d) Hydrochloric; Aluminium
Dilute sulfuric acid reacts with both Barium nitrate and lead(II) nitrate. In what two ways are the reactions the same?
a) A gas is produced b) The final pH is 7 c) Water is produced d) An insoluble salt is produced
Compound X reacts with some metals to liberate hydrogen and is used to make fertilizers. It gives a white precipitate when added to aqueous barium nitrate. What is X?
a) Ammonium carbonate b) Sulfuric Acid c) Hydrochloric acid d) Potassium dichromate
Which of the following is not an Amphoteric Acid?
a) Zn 2+ b) K + c) Pb 2+ d) Al 3+
Solution X forms a pale green ppt with excess aq NaOH. An alkaline gas is only given off when the mixture is warmed with powdered aluminium. Which ions does X contain?
a) Ammonium; Lead(II) b) Lead(II); Nitrate c) Iron(II); Nitrate d) Ammonium; Iron(III)
What is a reagent used to test for halides?
a) Silver Chloride b) Silver Sulfate c) Silver Oxide d) Silver Nitrate
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