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What is a government?
a) a group of people that work together to make a city, state or country b) c) d) a group that works together to run a city,state or country; make laws, provide services & collect tx
A mayor is a ...
a) the leader of the court b) the leader of the country c) the leader of a town or city d) the leader of the state
What is a judge?
a) the leader of a court b) the leader of the monuments c) the leader of a country d) the leader of a state
What is a president?
a) The leader of congress b) The leader of the country c) The leader of officials d) The leader of the state
Which statment shows a citizen definition?
a) people that live in a community b) both 1+3 c) people who vote to choose a mayor, governor or president d) people that vote for police officers
What is a governor?
a) the leader of police b) the leader of a state c) the leader of President Obama d) a firefighter
What do Taxes pay for?
a) Donut Shops, Bagel Shops and Ice Cream Parlors b) c) d) schools,libraries, and parks
What is freedom?
a) The right to speak b) The right to make choices c) The right to drive at night d) The right to party
What do monuments do?
a) let you shop where you would like b) a progect to show embarrasment c) a memorial project that honors a person or event d) building
What is a suburban community???
a) a community with open space b) a community in a city c) a community that stinks d) a community near a city
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