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Which of the following is not a natural resource?
a) maple trees b) coal c) plastic bags d) water
Water that falls to Earth as rain, snow, sleet, or hail is...
a) volcano b) precipitation c) geography d) barge
the place where a river begins is the...
a) barge b) erosion c) source d) recreation
a thick, moving sheet of ice
a) plain b) Ice Age c) precipitation d) glacier
an opening in Earth's surface where hot gases and liquid rock burst forth is...
a) volcano b) silt c) barge d) natural resource
what people do in order to relax and enjoy themselves
a) plain b) silt c) recreation d) source
a huge, flat boat used for transportation along rivers
a) natural resource b) barge c) geography d) erosion
a large area of flat or nearly flat land
a) plain b) erosion c) recreation d) glacier
process by which water and wind wear away the top layer of soil
a) Ice Age b) volcano c) geography d) erosion
small particles of soil and sand
a) silt b) glacier c) source d) precipitation
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