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What kind of homes did the Powhatan Indians live in?
a) Longhouse b) Igloo c) Pueblo d) Teepee
What kind of house dod the Sioux Indians live in?
a) Teepee b) Wigwam c) Longhouse d) Pueblo
What kind of house did the Pueblo or Southwest Indians live in?
a) Pueblo b) Igloo c) Longhouse d) Teepee
What did the Powhatan do for transportation?
a) walk and ride canoes b) just walk c) drive cars d) walk and ride horses
What did the Sioux do for transportation?
a) walk and ride horses b) walk and ride canoes c) just walk d) airplanes
What did the Pueblo do for transportation?
a) walk b) scooters c) walk and ride horses d) walk and ride canoes
What was the occupation (job) of the Pueblo?
a) farmers b) warriors c) hunters d) hunters and warriors
What was the occupation (job) of the Powhatan Indians?
a) farmers and hunters b) warriors c) farmers d) hunters and warriors
The Pueblo were also known as the ____________
a) Southwest b) Plains c) Eastern Woodlands d) Sioux
The Powhatan were also known as the ______________
a) Eastern Woodlands b) Plains c) Southwest d) Pueblo
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