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His wry comment
a) good- natured b) cleverly humorous c) exceptionally loud d) awe-inspiring
friends connive
a) scheme b) disagree c) believe d) meet
events that transpire
a) end b) start c) occur d) follow
to convey a message
a) carry b) ignore c) discuss d) interpret
a skeptical person
a) sad b) doubtful c) frantic d) joyful
discreet suggestions
a) helpful b) friendly c) prudent d) angry
a raucous voice
a) harsh b) quiet c) pleasing d) calming
to instigate a riot
a) stop b) take part in c) watch d) provoke
nimble acrobats
a) powerful b) strong c) agile d) young
to intimidate someone
a) frighten b) encourage c) inspire d) encounter
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