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Where in the body is air first warmed, moistened and filtered?
a) pharynx b) bronchi c) trachea d) nose
The dome-shaped muscle that pulls air into the lungs is the
a) alveolus b) diaphragm c) bronchi d) trachea
During gas exchange, what substance moves from the alveoli to the blood?
a) oxygen b) air c) water d) carbon dioxide
Where in the respiratory system does gas exchange occur?
a) bonchi b) trachea c) diaphragm d) alveoli
What excretory organ eliminates carbon dioxide from the body?
a) skin b) lungs c) anus d) kidney
What is the name of the small flap of tissue that seals the trachea when you swallow?
a) larynx b) diaphragm c) alveoli d) epiglottis
Which parts of the respiratory system divide into smaller and smaller tubes?
a) trachea b) pharynx c) bronchi d) epiglottis
What happens to cause air to be exhaled from the lungs?
a) The rib muscles contract. b) The lungs expand. c) The diaphragm moves down. d) The diaphragm moves up.
The role of the respiratory system is to bring what substance into the body for the cells?
a) oxygen b) water c) carbon dioxide d) air
What 2 things are eliminated from the body when you exhale?
a) urea and oxygen b) water and urea c) carbon dioxide and urea d) carbon dioxide and water
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