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What process takes place in the small intestine?
a) water is added to undigested food b) absorbs water c) chemical digestion occurs. d) enzymes are added.
What organ produces bile?
a) liver b) gall bladder c) stomach d) small intestine
What substance in the mouth produces an enzyme that breaks food down?
a) mucus b) carbohydrates c) water d) saliva
Where is water absorbed before waste exists the body?
a) stomach b) large intestine c) small intestine d) anus
What process involves muscle contractions that move food through the esophagus?
a) absorption b) mechanical digestion c) peristalsis d) elimination
Which nutrient is needed for all body processes to take place?
a) fats b) water c) vitamins d) minerals
What structures in the small intestine increase surface area and absorb large amounts of nutrients?
a) villi b) carpals c) pancreas d) gall bladder
Which type of muscle controls digestion?
a) voluntary b) skeletal c) cardiac d) involuntary
Nutrients are carried from the small intestine to cells by the
a) liver b) blood c) water d) oxygen
What 2 organs do both mechanical and chemical digestion?
a) stomach and mouth b) stomach and small intestine c) small intestine and large intestine d) mouth and small intestine
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