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Which was NOT a physical characteristic of Ancient Greece?
a) limited rich soil b) located among mountains c) surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea d) located on the continent of Asia
Which was NOT a human characteristic of Ancient Greece?
a) shipbuilders b) miners c) farmers d) traders
What type of government did Ancient Greece have?
a) monarchy b) republic c) direct democracy d) representative democracy
Which was NOT a way in which Ancient Greeks adapted to their environment?
a) They farmed on hillsides. b) Trading took place on the Mediterranean Sea. c) Small independent communities developed because of the many mountains. d) Salt was traded for gold.
What is a contribution?
a) the act of giving or doing something b) the act of taking something away c) the art of public speaking d) the art of sculpting
What type of architecture did ancient Greeks use in their buildings? (We sometimes use these in our buildings today)
a) columns b) arches c) drawbridges d) pyramids
Which is a famous building in ancient Greece?
a) The Stadium b) The Parthenon c) The Colosseum d) The Eiffel Tower
What sporting event do we have today that began in ancient Greece?
a) NFL Football b) NCAA Basketball c) The Olympics d) NHL Hockey
Democracy is which type of government?
a) by the people b) representative c) rule by a king or monarch d) the absence of laws
Which was not a common type of art found in Ancient Greece?
a) sculptures b) paintings c) photography d) pottery
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