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A plant that bends toward the light is showing
a) a positive tropism b) a negative tropism c) that it knows where light is coming from d) seasonal change
Root tops of most plants grow toward the center of the Earth. This action is a
a) negative phototropism b) positive phototropism c) negative gravitropism d) positive gravitropism
Leaves turn orange and yellow in fall because
a) they have more orange and yellow pigment in the fall b) their green chlorophyll breaks down c) longer days cause the color change d) orange and yellow are easier to see in the cool weather
The energy that starts the process of photosynthesis comes from
a) sunlight b) grana c) the breakdown of sugar in the plants d) chlorophyll that is taken from the soil
A plant seed develops from
a) an ovary b) an ovule c) an anther d) pollen
Stomata are important because they
a) begin photosynthesis b) break down chlorphyll c) play a role in gas exchange d) feed the plant
Deciduous trees shed their leaves
a) during the wet season b) to survive long periods without rain c) at different times during the year d) when the weather is warm
Plants that bloom whne nights are long are called
a) long-day plants b) short-day plants c) evergreen plants d) deciduous plants
Which of the following lists the three ways in which plants reproduce asexually?
a) germination, pollination, and fertilization b) seeds, sprouts, and leaves c) platelets, tubers, and runners d) chlorophyll, photosynthesis, and transpiration
The seeds of some plants are protected by
a) fruits b) flowers c) leaves d) stems
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