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Work is a transfer of
a) energy b) force c) mass d) motion
What is transferred by a force moving an object through a distance
a) energy b) motion c) mass d) force
The energy of motion is called
a) kinetic energy b) potential energy c) thermal energy d) work
Energy stored in gasoline is
a) chemical energy b) nuclear energy c) kinetic energy d) elastic energy
Walking converts chemical energy into what type of energy
a) mechanical b) potential c) nuclear d) chemical
The law of conservation of energy states
a) all of the above b) energy cannot be created c) energy cannot be destroyed d) energy can be converted from one form to another
What is the unit of work
a) joule b) newton c) watt d) volt
Energy is stored due to position is called
a) potential b) kinetic c) nuclear d) chemical
The energy of an object increases when this is done
a) work b) conversions c) object is lowered d) none of the above
For work to be done on the object, the object has to
a) move b) explode c) grow d) shrink
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