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If plant has a recessive allele for pink flowers it will produce
a) pink flowers if it has a dominant gene for yellow flowers b) pink flowers if it does not have a dominant gene for yellow flowers c) Yellow flowers if both recessive alleles are present d) no flowers
Tetrads are
a) chromosomes b) genes c) alleles d) traits
In metaphase chromosomes
a) move to the ends b) line up in the center c) dissolve d) multiply
The stage where two cells start to form
a) teleophase b) metaphase c) anaphase d) prophase
In this phase the chromosomes are not really visable
a) interphase b) prophase c) anaphase d) telophase
The physical representation of a trait
a) phenotype b) genotype c) recessive d) dominant
The chance that human offspring would be male?
a) 25 b) 50 c) 75 d) 100
The process of making changes in the DNA code of living organisms
a) genetic engineering b) inbreeding c) nondisjunction d)
Colorblindness is more common in males than females because
a) it is located on X chromosome and is recessive b) it is located on Y chromosome and is recessive c) it is located on X chromosome and is dominant d) it is located on Y chromosome and is dominant
What is advantage of transgenic wheat?
a) all of the above b) increasing food supply c) plants resistant to drought d) plants resistant to bugs
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