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Which is a liquid fossil fuel?
a) oil b) water c) natural gas d) coal
Fuels that were formed many years ago from decayed plants and animals.
a) fuel b) solar power c) nuclear energy d) fossil fuels
Which word means using less energy?
a) condensation b) energy c) conservation d) precipitation
What is the source of almost all the energy on Earth?
a) water b) the sun c) electricity d) wind
Which is a soild fossil fuel?
a) coal b) water c) natural gas d) oil
What do we call energy from the sun?
a) sunlight b) fossil fuels c) air d) solar energy
What is nonrenewable energy?
a) Energy from sources that cannot be used up. b) electricity c) saving energy d) Energy from sources that once they are used up, they are all gone.
What comes from trees and can be used as fuel?
a) natural gas b) wood c) coal d) oil
Fossil fuels are -
a) made from dinosaur bones b) no longer useful c) made form electricity d) formed from living things that died millions of years ago
What can be produced (made) by burning coal, gas, or oil or by using wind, water, or sunlight?
a) lightning b) electricity c) fireworks d) static
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