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We can't go to the park today __________ it is raining
a) therefore b) because c) consequently d) as a result
Sam and Lisa are writing a paper on chronic illnesses; ___________ they went to the hospital to volunteer over the weekend.
a) therefore b) for c) because d) since
Jane will stay home Saturday morning____________ she wants to work on her PowerPoint project.
a) hence b) therefore c) because d) as a result
________ I am going swimming with my family, I can't go to the play with you on Saturday.
a) Hence b) Therefore c) Since d) As a result
I am going home at lunch ____________I forgot my brief case this morning.
a) because b) therefore c) if d) as a result
Tami can't eat peanut butter, ______________ she is allergic to it.
a) for b) hence c) as a result d) therefore
I work hard; __________ I can succeed
a) because b) hence c) since d) due to
Lisa and I love to watch movies. ________________, we go to the public library every two or three weeks.
a) As a result b) As c) If d) due to
__________ Jan and I cook dinner and wash the dishes, Mom will have more time to help Tom with his homework.
a) As a result b) Because c) hence d) for
___________ a freeze warning was given for South Carolina, peach farmers put tarps on their trees.
a) Hence b) If c) Because d) As a result
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