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Allows you to organize and display informaiton visually so it can be viewed by a group of people.
a) Wizard b) Presentation software c) Slide d) Template
Each page is called a ...
a) Slide b) Page c) Template d) Note
A series of dialog boxes that guides you through a step-by-step procedure.
a) Template b) Instructions c) Presentation d) Wizard
Provides the steps for creating a presentation.
a) Template b) Wizard c) AutoContent wizard d) Notes Page View
A preformatted version of a certain type of document.
a) Wizard b) Template c) Slide Show View d) Slide Show
Displays a presentation's text in an outline
a) Notes Page View b) Normal View c) Outline View d) Slide Show View
Splits the screen to show a Slide view and an Outline View
a) Normal View b) Double View c) Slide Show View d) Notes Page View
Displays all of the slides in a presentation
a) Normal View b) Notes Page View c) Slide Show View d) Slide Sorter View
Uses part of the screen to display a slide.
a) Normal View b) Slide Sorter View c) Notes Page View d) Slide Show View
The primary on-screen method of previewing and displaying slides during a presentation
a) Slide Sorter View b) Slide Show View c) Normal View d) Notes Page View
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