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The federal agency most responsible for drug enforcement is:
a) FBI b) FDA c) DEA d) DOT
The combined set of laws used to govern the regulation of drugs is called:
a) Congressional Substance Regulations b) Controlled Substance Regulations c) Controlled Substance Act d) Congessional Substance Act
The president who established the DEA is:
a) Ford b) Kennedy c) Nixon d) Truman
The most commonly abused drug is:
a) marijuana b) ecstacy c) alcohol d) methamphetamines
The most commonly used illicit drug
a) marijuana b) ecstacy c) alcohol d) methamphetamines
Which test is used to test for barbiturates?
a) marquis b) dillie-koppanyi c) van urk d) scott
The __________ test is used to test for LSD.
a) Dillie-koppanyi b) duquenois-levine c) van urk d) marquis
Which of the following tests for MDMA?
a) duquenois-levine b) scott c) marquis d) dillie-koppanyi
Marijuana is found by using which of the following tests?
a) van urk b) marquis c) scott d) duquenois-levine
Which test is used to test for cocaine?
a) Marquis b) Dillie-koppanyi c) van urk d) scott
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