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Which of the following is NOT a threat to coral reefs?
a) silt runoff which leads to muddy waters b) excessive nutrients which leads to excessive algal growth c) coral being exposed to salt water d) diving and fishing
Which of the following is NOT a marine ecosystem?
a) mangrove swamps b) salt marsh c) the Florida Everglades d) Great Barrier coral reef
What is the base of marine food webs?
a) large marine carnivores b) plankton c) nekton d) coral polyps
What is the source of most ocean pollution?
a) activities on land b) global warming c) spills from oil tankers d) waste from fishing ships
Which of the following marine ecosystem is the least productive?
a) shallow, coastal waters b) littoral zone c) deep open ocean waters d) coral reefs
What is effective at forming a nutrient trap?
a) wave action on a rocky shore b) the benthic zone of the deep ocean c) fresh water from rivers mixing with salt water from oceans in estuaries d) melting ice from polar ecosystems
From where do most of the nutrients in the Arctic come?
a) the ocean b) melting ice c) decomposing marine organisms trapped in the ice d) arctic lakes
One way in which wetlands control flooding is by ---.
a) filtering out water pollutants b) absorbing water from rivers c) providing habitats for migratory wildlife d) reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air
What adaptation prevents phytoplankton from sinking into deep waters?
a) stinging tentacles b) whiskers c) flagella d) streamlined body shape
What distinguishes nekton from benthos?
a) one lives in freshwater and the other lives in salt water b) one swims freely and the other is often attached to hard surfaces c) one is a predator and the other is a primary producer d) one lives only in rivers and the other lives only in lakes
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