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Different forms of the same gene
a) Alleles b) Hybrid c) Purebred d) Genotype
An inherited physical characteristic of an organism
a) Heterozygous b) Homozygous c) Traits d) Mutations
A chart that helps predict the frequency of traits appearing in offspring from specific crosses
a) Pedigree Chart b) Punnett Square c) DNA Chart d) RNA Chart
The chance of something happening
a) Recessive b) Dominant c) Natural selection d) Probability
The study of how traits are inherited through the actions of alleles
a) Genetics b) Evolution c) Engineering d) Geology
A diagram used to keep track of the appearance of a trait over several generations
a) Punnet Square b) Genetic Variation c) Pedigree Chart d) Selective Breeding
The traits you get from your parents
a) Hybrid b) Recessive c) Dominant d) Heredity
Having two genes that are the same (pure colored) BB or bb
a) Homozygous b) Heterozygous c) Purebred d) Hybrid
Having two different alleles (bybrid) Bb
a) Phenotype b) Homozygous c) Purebred d) Heterozygous
Takes over recessive (capital letters); It masks another gene
a) Hybrid b) Heredity c) Dominant d) Recessive
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