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What is a natural resource?
a) Something that is man made b) Something that comes from nature c) There is no such thing d) A building
What is a capital resource?
a) something that people make to help them make other goods and services b) something that comes from nature c) water d) a natural resource
What is a human resource?
a) A tool or machine b) A gift from nature c) People at work helping other people d) A game
What is a producer?
a) A person who makes goods and provides services b) A person who buys goods and services c) A building d) A small group of animals
What is a consumer?
a) A person who makes goods and services b) A natural resource c) Resources used to make goods and services d) A person who buys goods and serivces
What is specialization?
a) Being and expert and one job b) Depending on others c) A good d) A capital resource
What is opportunity cost?
a) Using goods and services b) What is given up when making a choice c) People at work d) A producer
What does Virginia specialize in?
a) shipbuilding and coal mining b) oil c) wood d) computers
We depend on other countires for _________.
a) oil b) salt c) gold d) ships
This is a capital resource...
a) A man working at a store b) A hammer c) Water d) A teacher
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