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A place where Native Americans could bring furs and trade them for goods.
a) flea market b) trading post c) colony d) manufacturer
A place where ships load and unload goods.
a) port b) Mrs. Garland's closet c) explore d) pioneer
Person who leads the way
a) Mr. Zalasky b) manufacturer c) colony d) pioneer
Place ruled by another country
a) Cabela's b) port c) colony d) trading post
To make goods by machine.
a) manufacturer b) Pez dispenser c) port d) frontier
The practice of making a person the property of another.
a) bullying b) indentured servant c) slavery d) immigrant
To travel to unfamiliar places in order to learn about them.
a) explore b) Disney vacation c) frontier d) slavery
Person who comes to live in a new land from another place.
a) slavery b) tourist c) explore d) immigrant
The word that describes land on the edge of a settlement.
a) Ohio b) frontier c) explore d) indentured servant
A person who agreed to work for someone in the colonies to pay for their trip.
a) slavery b) indentured servant c) student teacher d) immigrant
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