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Which organism changes the enviroment by causing cracks in rocks where other organisms can grow?
a) lichen b) alga c) mold d) diatom
What characteristic of protists meass that their cells have a nucleus?
a) eukaryotic b) parasitic c) chloroplasts d) microscopic
What do protists NOT have that other eukaryotic organisms have?
a) a nucleus b) specialized tissues c) chlorophyll d) chloroplasts
What do chloroplasts do?
a) capture energy from the sun b) help in reproduction c) give the protist shape d) help the protist move
What process do some protists use to make their own food?
a) decomposition b) photogenesis c) photosynthesis d) conjugation
Which type of organism makes its own food?
a) protist producer b) heterotroph c) decomposer d) parasite
In asexual reproduction, how many parents are there?
a) one b) two c) three d) four
What process do single-celled protists use in asexual reporduction to make more than two offspring from one parent?
a) conjugation b) binary fission c) multiple fission d) single-cell fission
Most of the world's seaweeds are what type of protist producer?
a) brown algae b) diatoms c) green algae d) red algae
What are eukaryotic heterotrophs with rigid cell walls and no chlorophyll called?
a) algae b) hyphae c) spores d) fungi
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