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Protists are made of
a) One cell only b) Two cells only c) One or many cells d) Many cells only
Protists must live in an environment that is
a) Dry b) c) d) Moist
Protists are
a) Eukaryotic b) Archiobacteria c) One celled d) Prokaryotic
Protists can have characteristics of
a) Plants b) All c) Fungi d) Animals
5. Protists reproduce
a) Sexually b) c) Both d) Asexually
The three main groups of Protists are
a) Plants, Animals, and Fungi b) None c) Plants, Bacteria and Fungi d) Plants, Animals and Bacteria
Plant Like Protists have
a) Chlorophyll like plants b) None c) Both a and b d) Cell wall
Characteristics of Animal Like Protists are/is
a) Eat other organisms for energy b) All c) Move d) Do not have a cell wall
Characteristics of Fungus like Protists are/is
a) Absorbs food from surrounding environment b) all c) Grow in moist places d) Move
Fungus like protests are
a) Decomposers b) None c) Primary Producesrs d) Producers
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