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The part of the cell responsible for breaking down and recycling waste
a) vacuole b) mitochondria c) golgi bodies d) lysosome
The nucleus is the organelle that contains this genetic information
a) DNA b) CO2 c) ATP d) H2O
a) make energy (ATP) for the cell b) convert sunlight, CO2 and H2O into glucose and O2 c) transport materials around the cell d) provide support and shape
This organelle is flexible and protects the cell. It allows nutrients in and out of the cell.
a) chloroplasts b) cell wall c) mitochandria d) cell membrane
This is the control center (brain) of the cell
a) mitochondria b) lysosomes c) nucleus d) ribosomes
The endoplasmic reticulum
a) packages nutrients and molecules to be moved out of the cell b) a place for storage inside the cell c) makes energy for the cell d) transports materials around the cell like a conveyor belt
This organelle makes protiens
a) golgi body b) cholorplast c) ribosome d) mitochandria
What part of the cell packages and ships materials out of the cell?
a) golgi bodies b) cytoplasm c) cell wall d) nucleus
Mitochandria (powerhouse)
a) the flexible layer that regulates nutrients in and out of the cell b) where cellular respiration takes place- releases energy called ATP c) takes in sunlight and makes glucose and oxygen d) the jelly-like substance that fills the cell
Which two organelles are found ONLY in plants
a) cell wall and chloroplasts b) cytoplasm and chloroplasts c) nucleus and cholorplasts d) cell membrane and chloroplast
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