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rock made when sand, mud, and tiny pieces of rock join together and harden over time
a) metamorphic b) sedimentary c) igneous d)
dark rock made from hot liquid rock
a) sedimentary b) metamorphic c) igneous d)
rock that has been changed by heat and pressure
a) metamorphic b) sedimentary c) igneous d)
two properties of diamonds
a) soft, dark b) hard, clear c) soft, heavy d)
where black sand beaches can be found
a) Texas b) Florida c) Hawaii d)
what the hottest layer of the earth is made of
a) soft rock b) liquid metal c) solid metal d)
another name for salt crystals
a) diamonds b) halite c) copper d)
these cover the earth's surface
a) lakes b) grasses c) rocks d)
top layer of the earth, or its surface
a) core b) crust c) mantle d)
mineral that can carry electricity
a) gold b) copper c) silver d)
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