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All animals need these in order to survive.
a) energy, water, shelter, warmth b) food, shelter, oxygen, feathers c) energy, shelter, oxygen, water d)
Where do animals get energy?
a) from water b) from eating plants and/or animals c) from the air d)
Which of these animals is an invertebrate?
a) mussel b) cricket c) zebra d) both 1 & 2
How do gills help a fish?
a) They help them move. b) They help them digest food. c) They help them breathe. d)
An octopus has ___.
a) legs b) tentacles c) ears d) antennae
An insect is an __ .
a) amphibian b) vertebrate c) invertebrate d) arachnid
How many legs does an insect have?
a) 6 b) 8 c) 2 d) 4
A clam is a ___.
a) crustacean b) arachnid c) mollusk d) protozoan
A specific type of animal or plant is a/an ___.
a) mammal b) species c) characteristic d) adaptation
A tadpole is ___.
a) a baby salamander b) a baby frog c) a baby lizard d)
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