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Exploring Planet Earth Chapter 4: Question Preview (ID: 3335)

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A __ is a drawing of the Earth, or a part of the Earth, on a flat surface.
a) map b) globe c) atlas d) projection  
Maps are often grouped together in a book called . . .
a) a time zone b) meridians c) an atlas d) a globe  
The most accurate representation of the entire surface of the Earth is a . . .
a) map b) globe c) an international date line d) atlas  
__ are lines that run between the points that represent the geographic North and South poles of the Earth.
a) Maps b) Time Zones c) International Date Lines d) Meridians  
Geographers have named the meridian that runs through Greenwich, England, the . . .
a) Prime Meridian b) Meridians c) Interior Plains d) Coastal Plains  
The measure of distance east and west of the prime meridian is called . . .
a) latitude b) longitude c) meridian d) time zone  
A __ is a longitudinal belt of the Earth in which all areas have the same local time.
a) prime meridian b) international date line c) time zone d) meridian  
The Earth rotates on its axis from __.
a) north, south b) east, west c) south, north d) west, east  
There are __ time zones in the United States.
a) 2 b) 4 c) 6 d) 8  
The time zones in the United States are. . .
a) Eastern, Central, Ozark, Pacific b) Eastern, Central, Mountain, International c) Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific d) Northern, Central, Southern, Pacific  

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