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resourceful people are:
a) clever b) conceited c) unhappy d) pleasant
to use discretion
a) bad judgement b) good humor c) good judgement d) poor timing
a hectic day:
a) pleasant b) humid c) calm d) hurried
the predominant goal:
a) correct b) favorite c) precise d) primary
inaudible movements
a) cannot be heard b) totally secret c) overly careful d) causing pain
a lavish wedding
a) simple b) secret c) royal d) costly
an interesting panorama
a) limited view b) wide view c) point of view d) a new law
to mimic someone
a) to visit b) surround c) to imitate d) to address
a nominal price is
a) small b) fair c) different d) real
an orthodox belief
a) personal b) conventional c) public d) unacceptable
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