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colonist who remained loyal to Britain?
a) Loyalists b) Patriot c) Neutral d) Native
what was the turning point of the Revolutionary war?
a) Yorktown b) Trenton c) Saratoga d) Battle of the Bulge
Author of the Declaration of Independence?
a) Ben Franklin b) Thomas Jefferson c) Lord Cornwallis d) Lord Doulos
Won some major sea battles for the Continental Navy
a) John Paul Jones b) Captain Ahab c) General Greene d) Han Solo
The final battle where Cornwallis surrendered was?
a) Saratoga b) Yorktown c) Battle Verdun d) Trenton
Camp where Washington held his men during the Winter of 1777-1778
a) Valley Forge b) Crystal Lake c) David d) Jeronimo
Also known as the Swamp Fox?
a) Francis Marion b) General Greene c) Captain Steuben d) Marquis de Lafayette
Battle where Washington crossed the Delaware river and defeated the Hessians?
a) Trenton b) Long Island c) Saratoga d) Verdun
Troops on horseback?
a) Militia b) Cavalry c) Minutemen d) Four Horsemen
Treaty that ended the war?
a) Treaty of Paris 1763 b) Treaty of Ghent c) Treaty of Versailles d) Treaty of Paris 1783
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