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What is a basic structure that contains all that is necessary for life?
a) Protein b) Cells c) Carbohydrates d) Amino Acids
What is a molecule that is inside a cell?
a) Protein b) Sexual Reproduction c) Asexual Reproduction d) Starch
What is reproduction that requires two parents?
a) Asexual reproduction b) Sexual reproduction c) d)
What is reproduction that only requires one parent?
a) Asexual reproduction b) Sexual reproduction c) d)
This enables you to get traits from your parents.
a) Carbohydrates b) Homeostasis c) Heredity d) Proteins
This is the outer shell of a cell
a) Homeostasis b) Heredity c) Protein d) Phospholipids
This makes up proteins
a) Heredity b) Asexual reproduction c) metabolism d) nucleic acids
This is keeping your inside the same.
a) Homeostasis b) Metabolism c) Sexual reproduction d) Heredity
This is the break down of food inside the body
a) Heredity b) Homeostasis c) Metabolism d) Proteins
This has one sugar
a) Complex Carbohydrates b) Simple Carbohydrates c) d)
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