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Greek for land between the rivers
a) Mesopotamia b) cuneiform c) city-state d) civilization
complex societies that have organized governments, culture, and writing.
a) Mesopotamia b) city-state c) irrigation d) civilization
a method that brings water to crops
a) cunieform b) city-state c) irrigation d) civilization
has its own government but is not part of any larger unit
a) Mesopotamia b) cuneiform c) city-state d) civilization
a form of writing developed by the people of Sumer
a) Mesopotamia b) cuneiform c) city-state d) irrigation
The first civilization arose wheret because of the good farming conditions?
a) in the mountains b) near the sea c) in river valleys d) in the desert
The Sumerians built a temple called a __________ to honor their chief god.
a) scribe b) cradle c) Gilgamesh d) ziggurat
Although most Sumerians were farmers, many were also skilled ___________ who made metal, cloth, and pottery products.
a) artisans b) merchants c) slaves d) priests
The few Sumerians that know who to read and write were called?
a) artisans b) scribes c) head of households d) merchants
The Babylonian king Hammurabi is best know for his
a) scientific inventions b) mathematical ideas c) law code d) writing skills
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