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all the living and nonliving things in an environment and the many ways they interact
a) ecosystem b) tables c) beach d)
the area or place where an organism lives in an ecosystem
a) invertebrates b) habitat c) bears d)
all the members of one species that live within an area of an ecosystem
a) cell b) cars c) population d)
living thing that makes its own food
a) producer b) dogs c) cats d)
living thing that eats other living things
a) rabbits b) consumer c) plants d)
animals that eat plants
a) plants b) carnivores c) herbivores d)
animal that gets food by eating other animals
a) herbivores b) carnivores c) cell d)
animal that eats plants and other animals
a) plants b) fungi c) omnivores d)
organism that breaks down plant and animal waste and remains
a) decomposer b) crabs c) snails d)
it is a diagram that shows the amount of energy that flows from producers to consumers
a) energy pyramid b) solar cells c) plants d)
it is the transfer of energy from one organism to another by eating and being eaten
a) dogs b) dairy queen c) food chain d)
it is a system of overlapping food chains in which the flow of energy branches in many directions
a) plants b) food web c) bacterias d)
occurs when two or more living things need the same resources in order to survive
a) fossil fuels b) cats c) competition d)
the remains or mark of an animal or plant that lived long ago
a) extinct b) fossil c) paleontologist d)
species that no longer exist
a) paleontologist b) plants c) extinct d)
scientist who studies fossils
a) paleontologist b) competition c) fossil fuels d)
scientists have used information about the ages of fossils and rocks to make a timeline of the history of Earth called:
a) geologic time scale b) happy hour c) adventure time d)
come from the remains of organisms that lived millions of years ago
a) paleontologist b) competition c) fossil fuels d)
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