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Becky is very cold to Tom until he
a) Kisses her against her will b) Takes the blame and punishment that would have gone to her c) Brings her flowers d) Beats up Joe Harper
Tom is afraid of Injun Joe because
a) he is ugly b) he kidnapped Becky Thatcher c) he killed Huck's father d) he has sworn to get revenge
Whose life was saved by Tom?
a) Muff Potter b) Judge Thatcher c) Huckleberry Finn d) Sid Sawyer
Who poured ink on Tom's spelling book?
a) Alfred Temple b) Becky Thatcher c) Joe Harper d) Gracie Miller
Becky resumes her friendship with Tom because she thinks he is
a) cute b) devious c) helping her d) noble
When Tom Testifies against Injun Joe, Injun Joe
a) yells his threats at Huck b) starts disrupting the trial by hitting people c) runs out of the courtroom d) passes out
What do Huck and Tom find in the abandoned house?
a) gold b) silver c) jewels d) gold and silver
Hideout #2 turns out to be a
a) cave b) island c) shed d) hotel room
Where do Injun Joe and his partner plan to escape to?
a) Mexico b) Texas c) Canada d) California
What stops Injun Joe from discovering Huck and Tom?
a) he has to escape from the house because the sheriff is coming b) the stairs collapse under him c) the roof collapses over him d) Tom and Huck hide in the shadows and he never sees them, even though he is in the same room
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